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Alore Comments

Sherl says: (5 years ago)
I have been charged 90pounds for the it . It was advertised on Facebook for £3;99 I it doesn't say that was only for packaging, Davila mc call swears by it maybe she can afford it I can't it it is nothing but fraud . 19/06/2014

Debssie says: (5 years ago)
I too fell for this scam although I cancelled the follow up order after just 5 days 9 days from my initial trial purchase , but yes they still have taken the £89 for the Alore Serum and £89 for the other product Lorelia.. DO NOT TOUCH THIS COMPANY WITH A BARGE POLE. Now I have the trauma of trying to get my money back ... Grrrr

boutthit40 says: (5 years ago)
Just do not buy anything that promises 'OUT OF THIS WORLD'age defying results if it pops up in your face while you are browsing the web, either on facebook or just checking out a website, i have had this exact same experience of a company preying on the insecurities of women and possibly men when i sugned up for a trial offer of a Dead Sea product,trial samples came, no delivery note or invoice, jars did not have any ingredients or the usual scribbles required by law, apart from the fact that the creams were unremarkable in texture or fragrance, after a fortnight of using them obviously there was no amazing result only a hefty bank charge of £86.47 for each bottle, i couldnt even find a number to call to speak to anyone, only a PO Box address. Thank goodness for sites like these, i typed in the name and immediately realised what i had done, women and men all over the world had fallen for the same scam and even people who were in the know legally were unable to get past the minute loopholes they hide behind.This sounds suspiciously very similar ,two products advised to use together,cheap offer of trial sample, arriving with no paperwork,..then BAM!!!hundreds of pounds charged and a fight to get it cancelled let alone the chance of any refund.GOOGLE EVERYTHING!!!!!

nurselin says: (5 years ago)
Nurselin says [11.4.14] DO NOT BUY THESE PRDUCTS, its a scam, exactly the same thing as all the other above complaints, has happened to me. They took £160 from my bank account. I thought it was to good to be true and it was. Iam in the UK and have been unable to contact the companies. I will learn from this costly mistake and trust my instincts.

Michelle22 says: (5 years ago)
This company is a complete scam!! I regret the moment I clicked on this link I saw on Facebook about an amazing Alore anti-wrinkle cream serum
I ordered a TRIAL BOTTLE for £3.95 of course thinking it could be a good cream and maybe I'd decide to buy it! and 2 weeks later I realised they've already took a payment of £86. I was so upset and frustrated.
Because I am in the UK and they are based in America I sent an email first asking to cancel this subscription and demanding a refund. I sent the email 6 times and NEVER GOT A REPLY!
1 day later I called them UK toll-free 0-800-014-8778 and of course they said I agreed on a auto/shipment when I accepted the terms and condition and did not cancel within the 14 days of the trial period. I said they were not up front with the way it works.
I didnt even know I was accepting an auto-shipment subscription. The lady was just saying she couldn't do anything because I didn't cancel before and those were the terms.. After 5 minutes trying to argue with this women asking for my money back, I asked her to put me through her manager. Finally she did, but basically her argument was the same, you agreed and maybe it was a misunderstanding!! No! They are a scam! its not a misunderstanding, they charge you in a dishonest way and never make clear that you are actually paying for a "trial bottle" if you don't call and cancel the subscription.
And actually if you do call and cancel within those 14 CALENDAR days, you need to send the bottle back with registered post! its absurd. I kept saying all this terms and conditions were not up front and they don't even send an email or any sort of information with the product saying: remember you have 14 days to try the cream, if you don't cancel your subscription within this period we will charge you $86 pounds. OF COURSE NOT! THEY KNOW THEY ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE!. The funny things is I mentioned to the lady that there are so many unhappy, FRUSTRATED customers because of their dishonesty and the way they advertise this product, leading you to believe you are only trying the cream as a trial offer, and she said she was not aware. Of course they are!
I said that there are so many complaints online about people in the same situation as me and she said> well we are selling now in the UK so we are obviously doing it right! How can they get away with this!?? She kept saying it was a Misunderstanding! of course they get to STEAL YOUR MONEY and then say its a misunderstanding but they wont give you your money back!
I insisted I wanted my money back and didn't want the cream and mentioned I was calling the Better Business Bureau and she said the BBB is aware of their practice, but I know they are not accredited. So I got even more frustrated. Funny enough she then offered to refund 50% . I carried on arguing that I wasn't happy and that I felt sorry for the people who think will try a cream and then will be billed without even knowing.

She sort of kept saying she couldn't do anything else, that she was being very generous!!! I asked to speak to someone else in a higher rank, but she said no one would be able to help me more... and basically said that was all she was going to do for me, so I hung up the phone. I did get £43 back, but thats not even the point anymore!! I am just worried that there are so many people loosing a lot of money because this ALORE company is taking advantage and are not being clear and honest when their trial bottle offer. Actually the lady said is not a trial bottle is a trial period, of course That is not written on the website!!!
I am going to submit complaints everywhere I can and also contact Facebook and tell them about this company, because they should know they are taking advantage and they are a SCAM!
If you have been billed, don't be afraid and call them and be persistent! and ask for their names!!

Kathmandu12 says: (5 years ago)
Ditto to all of the above, I took the first offer on trial and low and behold came home from a long vacation to find 2 more packages had arrived - which I did not order. I am not paying for anymore of these and now to have sort out the mess and return. Do not buy anything of these products online.

herbertsk says: (5 years ago)
I bought 0n Oct2013 a trial product for US $ 5.97 two weeks later I got charged US$ 94.28.But no shipment. I got charged for nothing! Than a week ago I got another shipment which I did send back since I didn't order any thing. But I found out I got charged again out of my account the same amount as the last one. I phoned in and got told my problem I should've cancelled after two weeks. But than I got told I will get 50% off the last shipment ( Which I send back) so now 3 bills one shipment. On my first bill nothing said that I have to cancel in two weeks. So where ......

lkn2638 says: (6 years ago)
I purchased the trial offer for $2.97 not knowing that I would be charged $94.28 pr month if one did not cancel the program within 14 days of the initial offering of $ 2.97
The person helping me when I called did give me a credit for half the cost, however, this type of marketing is deceptive.


nanciarshall says: (6 years ago)
Beware of Deceptive Practices with Alore
I recently saw an advertisement while on Facebook for a company named Alore, which offered a trial of their anti-wrinkle cream for $2.97 which was affiliated with another product called Levela. I ordered the 2 products and Alore sent me an email confirmation with a posted bill of $2.97. However in the terms and conditions, I was unknowingly agreeing to a monthly charge of $94.28. Alore will not give me a refund. Any company that uses such deceptive practices and will not provide a refund for their product should be highly suspect. It speaks volumes about their ethics and their product. I have used the product and I found their claims of reducing wrinkles to be untrue. Buyers beware! Always read the fine print. To be fair, Levela customer service was very helpful and they refunded their second bottle without any problems.

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